Monday, 24 January 2011

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My Final Major Project: Concept

A pop-up soup kitchen in the Westminster area collaborating with Heinz to improve homelessness.

This project’s goal is to challenge the stereotypes associated with homeless people by indicating to the general public and business internationally, that the homeless have the ability and potential to succeed and should not be written off by society.  This centre seeks to inform, motivate and educate society by creating an inspiring environment.
Due to many rough sleepers suffering with problems such as mental illness, physical illness, alcohol problems and drug addictions the wider community are often reluctant to look past this first perceived image. Providing an environment which presents a wider understanding of current issues of homelessness, may help to create a platform for change, perhaps a crucial first step in improved understanding, acceptance and appreciation of those suffering from social exclusion.
Why Westminster:
After analysing street counts in the UK it is evident that Westminster suffers severely with high numbers of homeless people. 57% of England’s homeless are situated in London, 41% of those in Westminster. Having some of the most affluent and deprived areas in the country there are bound to be conflicts between the two extremes. It makes sense to locate this projects flagship store in an area it will provide largest impact; Westminster therefore will be of prime location.

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