Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sky high

If you look hard enough Bangkok has bars such as Sirocco and Breeze, where the elite gather to wine and dine on the rooftops with backdrops you'd expect to see through a plane window. Both of which I had to go and see due to them being designed by DWP with whom I was doing my internship.

We first arrived at Breeze on the 52nd floor where we were greeted by a man and a torch, he then led us down the stairs, highlighting every step with his tiny torch as if these were the first set of stairs we had ever taken. We finally found our way to the bar and ordered the most expensive drink I had bought so far in Thailand. They must have put their heart and sole in to the drink seeing as it took them around 20 minutes to make. 

Finishing in Sirocco on the 63rd floor, we sat in silence taking in the views. The atmosphere and views together made this one of my most enjoyable evenings in Bangkok. I would highly recommend it to anyone! I no longer minded paying the extra money for the
 drink, it was definitely worthwhile.

(Photos above taken by myself)

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