Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lets call it a downgrade

For all the great things I was able to enjoy in Thailand, It all slowed down half way through my trip and I had to downgrade from my original flat to a room half the price (worked out at £145 per month). This consisted of a bedroom and a bathroom, no windows. Although in Thailand you can get allot for your money, overspending and buying more because of these low prices quickly cancels this out.

I started eating food cooked by local Thai people from their stalls on the streets of Bangkok as this worked out to be cheaper. My breakfast would be cooked in front of me on my walk to work, It would usually be a Thai equivalent of porridge whereby they would overcook rice to a gloopy substance, mix this with balls of pork and spring onion and pack it in to a bag with a cracked raw egg.

Lunch-time became a bit of a tradition, I would walk to a family run noodle place round the corner from my office with another intern from DWP. Ordering the same noodle dish every day probably wasn't the greatest of ideas as my body, used to British food, wasn't exactly ready for the high salt and oil intake I was consuming.

I found in Thailand the two main meals would be breakfast and lunch, I know breakfast in the UK is an important meal, however still is usually only a bowl of cereal. In Thailand people would buy their breakfast on the way in to the office and munch away in front of their computer. The meals would consist of meat with rice, always rice. Therefore when dinner time hit, the thought of again having rice or noodles, when you had already had this for breakfast and dinner, usually made you crave something allot smaller and lighter.

Thankfully, now back in the UK my eating habits are back to normal. No more meat, rice and raw eggs for breakfast!

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