Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Not content in 'retiring' their minds

After working through the night to meet this deadline my project on improving the lives of the elderly is now complete.

My response to the brief of

'How can the design of living spaces make growing old seem more attractive and inviting?'

was to create a perception hub which would connect to a care-home to remove perceptions of 'mind numbing' day-rooms. 
In my view through removing stereotypes and false perceptions of old age, new opportunities and and an extended love for life could improve the lives of the elderly.

I believe that increased investment should be made in to improving the lives of the elderly and the 'perception hub' is a good place to start.

A concept often seen in commercial and retail environments whereby an open shop window will be the driving force of this project. The perceptions taken by the community will change due to seeing the elderly taking part in interactive activities at the front of this hub. Causing almost a controversial reaction where interactive elements such as music hubs and a large interactive screen will be in use.  

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