Friday, 10 December 2010

Struggling to reintegrate into society

I have chosen to focus my final major project on the topic of Homelessness and unemployment. The problem is that most of those homeless will struggle if not all to reintegrate in to society.

One of many problems I believe allot of organisations have taken is that they focus solely on getting the homeless in to housing thinking this is the answer to getting them back on track. However ‘You can give someone a house but they’re still homeless if they don’t interact.'

Support from the wider community is therefore imperative to a successful integration to society for the homeless, therefore this project aims to improve perceptions of homelessness. I want to break down the stereotypes of homeless people by demonstrating to the general public and business internationally that homeless people have talents and potential and should not be written off by society.

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  1. Catherine
    I am so glad to see someone take the time to bring this up. I understand the plight and have seen the talents, the pain, the suffering, happiness, hope, and even the joy, yes I said joy, you see, you have to understand that the littlest things that most of us take for granted bring some joy to the homeless. How do I know this?....Well let's just say if you have never walked a mile in someones shoes there is no way you could truly understand. The homeless are the most giving and sharing people you will ever meet